Nancy McEntee Photography
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Elizabeth_Garden Series
This ongoing body of work, The Garden, incorporates legacy, continuity and a re-examination of the known. My
approach is documentary in nature but recontextualizes the everyday through the perspective of the photographer's
The narrative, both real and imagined, is integral and embedded in these photographs of my daughter within a
pastoral landscape. Having the child as a central figure in the image references the traditional family snapshot. These
images are not simply documentations of pleasant quotidian moments however, they are a combination of the
present, the remembered experience and the ambiguous area between memory and fantasy.
The garden setting of my images is a metaphor for change and growth and is symbolic of motherhood; The young figure is surrounded by a lush and fertile environment and it becomes a stage set for the imagined. By engaging in this photographic collaboration the remembered experience of childhood, fantasy and reality become intertwined.
As The Garden series has progressed, the metaphor of change has grown to include my daughter's friends as her universe continues to expand. Through the inherent nature of photography's ability to show the reality of the ordinary, I am able to infuse the potential of the extraordinary.